Competition for the best carnival costume of the race Christmas Marathon


Prepare a costume of Santa Claus, Snow Maiden, a super hero, fairy or other fantastic character to stand out from the crowd during the race, because there is a wonderful contest waiting for all participants of the carnival race!


December 20, during the Christmas Marathon 4 best Carnival costumes will be chosen:

  • Woman’s costume
  • Man’s costume
  • Baby’s costume
  • Family in costumes

The jury will determine the winners, and the owners of the best, the most creative, and beautiful costumes will get prizes from the partners of the Christmas race.

This is not just a race, but a feast for all the inhabitants of our country! Come and run your 3 km, gather as many gifts, as you can carry and show off your unique costumes!


We are waiting for you personally, your family and your friends at the long-awaited winter race Christmas Marathon on December 20, at the Great National Assembly Square.

We start at 12:00!

Just do not forget to register for the race now on our site for free:

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