Holding races on the eve of Christmas is a worldwide tradition

Christmas is a full of warmth and spirit holiday, which amateur and professional sportsmen from all over the world celebrate organizing running races. As a rule, Christmas races are usually costumed, and at this time thousands of Santa Clauses and different fairy-tale characters run on the main streets of cities. Yes, you’ve got it right – on Christmas eve, red costumes and white beards can be used as sports equipment. The majority of races are for a charitable cause, and the money from participation fees is donated to children.

One of the first races dedicated to Christmas is Xmas Pudding Race, held annually in London, and this year the race is at its 37th edition. But it’s not an ordinary race. Participants must wear costumes, form teams of 6 people, and cover the obstacle distance carrying a pudding in their hands. All the collected money goes to Cancer Research UK.

Christmas races have gained a special popularity in the USA, where such races are organized every year in each state with great enthusiasm. In Chicago, for example, is annually held Santa Hustle, and along the route participants get cookies and candies, instead of usual gels and power bars. Besides Christmas races, some of the states organize New Year races. For example, in New York Central Park is annually held the Central Park Midnight Run on New Year’s Eve race, accompanied by music, fireworks and carnival costumes.

You can run near lots of Santa Clauses not only in Europe or America, but also in South Africa, where every year is held Illovo 15k Christmas Challenge. This year, the race celebrates its 20th edition. Also, you can feel the spirit of winter holidays in September running at the Marathon on Christmas Island.

A race dedicated to winter holidays is also held in the Republic of Moldova. Maratonul de Crăciun is a costumed family race, organized by the forum mama.md and social-sports organization Sporter, and this year, on December 17, will take place the fifth edition of this sports event. The race is held on a 3 km distance, and along the route each participant will get gifts. Attention! The number of places is limited. Hurry up to register on craciun.md and be a part of the most fabulous event of this year.