Maratonul de Crăciun 2014: 3 km of Magic and Gifts (Photos + Video)

For the second year the sports social network increases the percentage of the New Year mood among residents of Chisinau and conducts a large-scale race on the main street of the capital. The special feature of the sport event that is the condition of participation with a fancy dress. What kind of? It is given a complete freedom of imagination and creative thinking.

Maratonul de Craciun – is an analogue of the world famous Santa Claus race. To participate in it can absolutely everyone, children and adults, even babies (provided that the mom-dad would roll the wheelchair, of course).

At this time, the Carnival race, held in the framework of Sporter Weekend, was even larger and more colorful than the previous year. For three hours the Great National Assembly Square in Chisinau turned into a fairy-tale town, and Stefan cel Mare boulevard – in a magical street with lots of surprises.

Here you can meet elves and fairies and butterflies, and seven Indians, and clowns, and even death of loser Dji, the main characters of the cartoon animation studio Simpals. But most of all, were Santa Claus of course.

The race was attended by about 400 people!

Starting with 12:00 in the Square started an entertainment program with competitions and gifts. The opening speech was given by Vitalii Savciuc, a representative of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, as well as CEO of the company Simpals Dmitrii Voloshin.

An interesting contest was held by the fitness club Alexia. Participants were given a maximum of time to hold the dumbbell weight (7 kg for men and 3 kg for women) at arm’s length. What can be easier? However, the best result was in women time of 1 minute 48 seconds, and men – 55 seconds. The winners received gift certificates for 500 lei, which can be used to buy the subscription to the fitness club Alexia.

Another surprise for the participants became a real labyrinth, built by the Sport Orienteering Federation of Moldova, which could be tried by anyone. To this end, all persons were given special electronic chips and checkpoint cards.

As expected, before the race, the fiery workout was performed by the coach of the fitness club Alexia, Alexandr Chernomorets.

And, finally, the start of the race! The bright crowd moved to the Great National Assembly Square  on Stefan cel Mare boulevard to the Ismail street. The runners had to overcome almost three kilometers (up to the Ismail street and back). But it was not just three simple kilometers it was  three kilometers of magic and surprises.

On every street corner all participants were waited with motivational gifts that were distributed by real elves – Santa Claus helpers.

Runners received a cheerful balloon from the company Eva Balloons, snowman-cookie from Andy’s Pizza, an invitation to a one-time visit to the fitness club Alexia, apple and juice from the company Orhei-Vit, Tess tea, a bottle of water OM, sweets from the company ABK, a calendar for 2015 showing all events of Sporter Weekend, popcorn from the company Boiar, and Bengal fires from Interfoc-MS.

At the finish line, each participant was awarded a diploma, printed by, and an original bagel -medal.

After the race all were warmed up by the hot tea Tess.

The whole event, was presented by Irina Grekova  (Iriska) and DJ Radoffski. thanks all participants for their creative costumes, good humor and  smile! We are glad that you are with us! You are welcome to Sporter Weekends next year (you have a calendar).