Maratonul de Craciun brings a miracle to Socolov’s family

On Christmas Eve miracles happen and wishes come true, this is why Maratonul de Craciun will bring joy to Socolov’s family. This year’s charity run will contribute to Nichita’s happiness. Nichita, aged 13, has been diagnosed with Cerebral palsy since he was a child. For this reason, the boy cannot walk on his own.

Nichita’s mother and grandfather made every effort to provide the boy with a carefree childhood, even though he’s not able to run alongside other children and can move only in the wheelchair. Despite physical disability, Nichita attends school and has many dreams, but most of all he dreams of being able to walk.

“My son has never been able to walk. In August this year, we have been consulted by a specialist at Turner Institute in St. Petersburg, Russia. Based on the results of the investigation, we were advised to undergo surgery at a cost of 166,480 rubles ($ 2900). This operation is very important because it will give my son the chance to start walking independently for the first time,” confessed Nichita’s mother, Irina Socolov.

The surgery is scheduled for January 2018, but the Socolov’s family does not have enough money for it. Nichita’s mother does not have the opportunity to work full-time because she needs to permanently look after her son. The boy’s grandfather contributes as much as he can, and thanks to his contribution Nichita is able to attend school. But it’s not enough for the surgery.

Naturalis Maratonul de Craciun 2017 will give Nichita the chance for a better life. For this, 20% of the participation fee will be donated to the Socolov’s family for surgery. As well, a collection box from will be on the stage throughout the event for those who want to contribute additionally. You can also donate for Nichita by following this link.

The costume family run Naturalis Maratonul de Crăciun 2017 will be held on December 17, and the start will be given at 12:00 on the Great National Assembly Square. The participation fee is 50 lei for children up to 13 years old, and 100 lei for those aged 14 and older. You can register by filling out the form on this link:

Together we can give Nichita the chance to start walking!