Memorable gifts in carnival race from the partner VITRUM


The Pharmaceutical company “Unipharm Inc”, which is the main supplier of
popular drugs of VITRUM line became a partner in gifts for the Carnival race. Namely
this pharmaceutical line will provide gifts to all participants in the race,
which should be picked, when running over the VITRUM point along the main
street of Chisinau, and each runner will get a commemorative magnet and a

Unipharm Inc” is a modern, constantly developing American pharmaceutical company, which was founded in 1980. From its inception to the present day, the company is focused on creating drugs aimed at the prevention and treatment of many diseases. “Unipharm, Inc.” produces high quality products that are market leaders in many countries in the respective therapeutic segments.

The drugs comply with the highest international quality standards. The company becme the most famous by medicines of VITRUM® line* – the modern combination of vitamins and minerals, which ensured the success of the company in many countries. Drugs of Vitrum® group (Vitrum Prenatal, Vitrum baby, Vitrum kids, Vitrum Junior, Vitrum Teenager, Vitrum Vision, etc.) are specifically developed complexes of vitamins and minerals for satisfying the needs of people of different age and health

All production is carried out in the United States with strict adherence to the principles of Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Registered in the Office of the Food and Drug Administration (USA), the plants produce products that meet the requirements of United States Pharmacopeia (USP). In addition, the medicines of “Unipharm, Inc.” are manufactured and packaged in accordance with the rules of the countries, in which they are sold.

Microbiological tests are carried ou at the end of the manufacturing process. The final products are also subjected to qualitative and quantitative analysis of ingredients composition, thus ensureing high quality of the products. In addition, at the request of the ministries of health and drugs monitoring agencies, or other agencies in importing countries, we conduct additional research (quantitative and microbiological analysis) of imported products.

“We know that you fully trust the quality and safety of our products, appreciate your confidence and we guarantee to provide only the highest quality and safety of medicines and food supplements to continue meeting your needs and expectations,” – VITRUM in Moldova.

Do not miss the long-awaited Carnival race, organized by, to get the promised gifts, when running 3 km in fabulous costumes along the main street of our capital!

“Christmas Marathon” will be held on December 20 at, start is at Opera and Ballet Theatre. We start at 10:00.

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*It is a drug. Read the instructions carefully. Contact your doctor or pharmacist in case of side effects.