Nikita Sokolov: ”I live with this diagnosis, I try to make my peace with it…”

On Sunday, the organizers of Naturalis Maratonul de Craciun 2017 had a meeting with Nikita to discuss his interests, plans for future and dreams.

Nikita Sokolov is 13 years old. His twin-brother has seen the light of day only 3 days. As a child, Nikita was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and therefore he can’t walk on his own since he was born. Nikita can only walk in a wheelchair. Despite his diagnosis, Nikita is a very sociable and friendly boy. He goes to school and has good marks in all disciplines. He likes books about sea voyages, and even collects ship models.

This year, in August, the family went to Russia to meet a specialist from the Turner Institute in St. Petersburg. The doctor found a severe deformation of soles, which may cause an overextension in knee joints. If no action is taken, the situation may worsen soon, and lead to a complete destruction of joints. Nikita already feels pain in his feet. Based on the investigation results, the child was recommended to perform a surgery which costs 166 480 roubles (2900 USD).

The operation is planned for January 2018, but the Sokolov family does not have enough money for it. Nikita’s mother can not work full-day because she has to take care of her boy permanently. Grandfather tries to help them and takes Nikita to school, but this help is not enough.

”Our biggest problem is that we don’t have this money. I beg you to help us, my only wish as a mother is to see my child healthy and independent, so as I can go to work and provide a better future for him. I beg you to hear my prayers because in January 2018 we are going to the clinic, and that means my son is going to have a normal life. Thank you.” – Irina, Nikita’s mother.

Naturalis Maratonul de Craciun 2017 will offer Nikita a chance for life. 20% of participation fees will be transferred to the Sokolov family for Nikita’s operation (to register for the race, go to this link and fill in the registration form). Those who want to help more can donate money to box for fundraising, that will be located near the scene during the whole event. Also, you can donate via the link below.