Nikita Sokolov went to Saint Petersburg for treatment

Nikita Sokolov, the 13-year-old boy who is suffering from cerebral palsy, was able to collect the necessary amount of money for operation and went to Saint Petersburg to undergo several preparatory procedures before the main surgery.

On December 17, in Chișinău took place the traditional costumed race Maratonul de Craciun, which was held this year in support of Nikita Sokolov. Thanks to the contribution of hundreds of amateur runners, as well as personal donations from the guests of this sportive celebration, the public sports organization Sporter and the most popular forum for women, Nikita was able to collect the necessary sum faster.

Also, the money for surgery was donated by the concerned users of and The largest amount of money for Nikita’s operation was given by the non-governmental organizations “Asociația Obștească Începutul Vieții” and SaveLife. In addition, many donations were made to the boy’s account by those who preferred to do a good deed while remaining anonymous.

The operation, which this brave boy needs so much, will be performed in February 2018. It’ll be one of the most important moments in Nikita’s life: surgeons will give him the possibility to live a full life and make his dreams come true. Of course, the results won’t be visible immediately, and Nikita will have to go through a long recovery period after the surgery, but we sincerely believe that he’s able to overcome all the difficulties.

We thank all of those who have supported Nikita, helped him fighting this terrible disease and gave him hope.