TESS Tea is a partner of the Costumed Christmas Race


In one of the points, where each of the runners receives gifts from the partners of the “Christmas Marathon”, TESS tea zone will be located. Running across the TESS point, do not forget to take a pack of this pure fragrant tea to enjoy its unique taste at home, and to treat all your family and friends with this wonderful tea.

TESS is a high-quality classic black and green tea, and fine tea compositions, which harmoniously blend magnificent tea leaves with pieces of fruits and berries, petals of flowers and aromatic herbs. Natural ingredients emphasize the depth of a traditional tea flavor, saturating it with rich flavors. Tess is a perfect tea combination.

Tess tea collection is presented by leaf tea, tea bags and a new format for loose tea brewing  – tea in pyramids. Enjoy the beauty and taste of the wonderful Tess tea!

Brand slogan sounds the following way: “Tess. Perfect tea composition.” or “Tess is the perfect combination of tea.”

TESS Tea is always a perfectly adjusted blend: tea leaves of superior quality are harmoniously assorted with the uniquely chosen natural ingredients. Together they create a new sound synergy of the traditional tea flavor. The ingredients, included in it: the real pieces of fruit, berries, herbs, spices, flower petals – fill the tea with natural flavor and exquisite aroma. Perfectly balanced blend is recognizable by its beauty of both tea placer and tea infusion color.

For creating TESS tea, they use tea, grown on the best plantations of Ceylon, China, and Kenya.

Its robust packaging allows preserving exceptional freshness and taste of tea for a long time: leaf tea is packed in a transparent film, and tea bags – in individual termosashe, made of a special foil.

Tess brand offers a wide assortment, representing the tea in different packing formats, which allow you selecting the format you prefer: which are definitely loose tea, tea bags for disposable brewing and new modern brewing format – leaf tea in pyramid-bags.

The carnival race will be held on December 20, 2015, with a distance of 3 km. Along the entire distance, partners’ points will be located, which will award all runners with gifts.

Prepare your carnival costume and sign up for free on the site www.craciun.md