This day has come! Today Maxim Gavrilenco will be operated in Turkey

Today morning, on the 10th of January 2017, Maxim Gavrilenco entered the operation room in Turkey. The operation will be very hard.

Maxim Gavrilnco has been chained to the hospital bed for 6 years due to a childhood accident. At the age of 5 Maxim accidentaly drunk a chemical substance, which caused severe burns of internal organs. From that day Maxim is struggling for his life. He can not eat as normal people do: he is fed using a special technology, so as not to irritate the damaged esophagus even more.

Let’s cross our fingers and pray for him! His life will change today!

We remind you that the fourth race “Maratonul de Crăciun” was for a charitable cause. All the money collected for registration fee was donated to Maxim’s Gavrilenco family for treatment.

Thanks to everybody who has donated for Maxim’s operation!

You can see in this video how the operation will be performed: