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Maratonul de Crăciun became another step in strengthening the trust between the two banks of Nistru

Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme, which is financed by EU and implemented by UNDP on both Nistru banks involves not just conversations, planning and strategy enforcement. It also implies a possibility for the children to participate in different events. Therefore, one of these events is the Maratonul de Craciun charity race.

Due to the active involvement of EU and UNDP, this year, 106 teenagers from vulnerable families from both Transnistria and Moldova, as well as other organizations involved in this type of issues, ran through Chisinau together with other amateurs of sports and active lifestyle. This was a memorable event for the young people: they ran 3 km through the city, during which they received gifts from partners, enjoyed the fairy atmosphere, were supported by hundreds of fans and got many surprises and other great moments.

As a reminder, EU has repeatedly assisted Sporter. For example, the union supported the planning of the Chisinau International Marathon through the Education and Sports Platform, which was launched within the Support to Confidence Building Measures EU Programme.

It should be mentioned that Sporter is sincerely interested in the participation of the residents from both right and left banks of the Nistru River in the organized events, and makes every effort to achieve that.

The European Union-funded Support to Confidence Building Measures Programme, implemented by UNDP, contributes to the process of building trust between residents of the two banks of Nistru River by involving representatives of local communities, business and society in joint projects for developing business and improving social infrastructure.